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by Jeff Hopkins, on 8/27/14 8:00 AM

Swagelok Northern California makes a group effort to support ALS research Challenge Accepted!! You can watch our ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video below » All across the country this summer, people …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 8/21/14 11:00 AM

These are the principles we live by, and how we deliver value to our customers Read more about how our values have been practiced and championed, as well as how …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 8/14/14 9:00 AM

Swagelok's engineered combinations can offer special properties for unusual installations This data sheet contains suggested allowable working pressures for assemblies of Swagelok tube fittings with tubing of diverse materials get more …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 8/6/14 8:00 AM

Our eDTR™, P&D, and iAssemble apps make it easier for us to serve you The Swagelok electronic catalog (eDTR™), is now available as an iPad app in the Apple iTunes …

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