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Swagelok Publishes Updated and Revised Tube Fitter's Manual

This major new edition now available in softcover and as a free download

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What Customers Are Saying About Swagelok Northern California

Our survey results are in, and our follow up survey is now live

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Another Burst from the Past Video Features Swagelok PTFE Hose

Our video series took a quick look at our uniquely flexible PTFE hose

In this burst from the past video, we demonstrate how Swagelok is setting new standards in hose flexibility with its newer line of PTFE hoses that feature Swagelok’s unique non-metallic fiber braiding technology that gives the PTFE core greater resistance to collapsing and kinking when being bent.

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Burst from the Past - Four Steps to Choosing a Swagelok Hose

Take another look at last year's When Will It Burst? video on hose selection

Last year, we created a series of videos and burst contests called When Will It Burst? Here is a burst from the past from our When Will It Burst? video, Four Steps to Choosing a Hose. In the video, you will learn about the four main components to consider when choosing a hose. After you watch the video, you can download the hose selection resources that inspired the video here » 

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