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New Materials Defy the Laws of Chemistry

An international team of materials scientists have made two new materials that defy the laws of Chemistry in the way they form bonds. Under extremely high pressure meant to simulate conditions in the Earth’s mantle, two new forms of silicon oxide surprised scientists in the way they bond, which is not via their vertices.

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Hydrogel Shows Unprecedented Stretchability, 3D-Printing Capability

Scientists have developed hydrogels that stretch in completely new ways, enabling their use in high-resolution 3D printing for a range of applications.

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"Printed" High-mobility Semiconductor Nanowires

Engineers from the University of Glasgow have developed a new technique for flexible, printed electronics that is a huge step forward in creating bendable, twistable new devices. The devices could range from health monitoring to implantable devices, and even flexible video screens for a range of applications.

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A Stony Solution for Carbon Capture

As scientists around the world are racing to come up with new ways to both reduce carbon emissions and pull it out of the atmosphere, a group of researchers in Canada is looking to harness a carbon-absorbing power that’s as old as our planet. The only trick is to speed up the timeframe.

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Facebook’s Facial Recognition AI Now Finds Black Holes

Researchers have repurposed an open-source AI software once used by Facebook to recognize faces. Now paired with the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder telescope, its new role is to recognize galaxies by the signals sent from their supermassive black holes.

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Ideal Match: Orbital Welding and 316L Stainless Steel Tubing

It avoids the crevices and crevice corrosion common with mechanical couplings

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Will We Have Nuclear Fusion Sooner Rather than Later?

Two private companies aim to get to usable fusion power within the next 10 years by doubling the strength of the magnetic field that acts as a container for burning plasma.

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The Strange Ways of Cuprate Superconductors ("Strange Metals")

Scientists have discovered that superconductors called cuprates carry current in a completely different way from ordinary metals such as copper. It’s so strange, they don’t even have the vocabulary to describe it.

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New Shape-Memory Alloys Open Up New Fields

Scientists researching the field of smart materials have discovered a whole new class of shape-memory alloys. Although they originally held promise for increasing jet engine efficiency, the materials promise far broader applications in high-temperature environments, and at lower cost than previously possible.

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Three Maintenance Reminders

It's easy (and dangerous) to get complacent when systems are running well

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Lower Your Plant Costs: 3 Steps to Hose Safety

Leaks from hoses should be taken seriously in your facility, since above all, they can put plant personnel in unsafe situations. Leaks can also inflate operating costs, contribute to fugitive emissions, and adversely affect the environment. You can keep safety first and improve plant efficiency by following these three recommendations for industrial hose safety.

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A Smart Way To Get More From Sampling Systems

White paper shows how to put intelligence directly into sample handling

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A Super Bacterium for Clean Fuel

Researchers at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln have used genetic engineering to produce a bacterium that can be fermented to produce far more hydrogen than ever thought possible. This is a far cleaner production method than the traditional carbon dioxide-generating processing of fossil fuels.

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Semiconductor Crystals to Reduce Overheating

Researchers have successfully synthesized boron arsenide crystals that have a thermal conductivity that exceeds that of all other materials except diamond. It could be used to help dissipate heat and improve performance reliability in a range of heat-sensitive devices, including computers and smartphones.

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Save Your Plant Thousands with a Hose Maintenance Plan

A preventive maintenance plan for your hoses can track the life and performance of every hose and make sure you inspect them frequently and replace them proactively. It can also help you identify the key replacements to have on hand. The cost-saving benefits make it well worth the upfront time investment.

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Teleporting Speeds Up Quantum Computing

Yale University researchers have reached another milestone in the realm of quantum computing, which will one day allow us to far outstrip our current standards of computing and data storage. In order to overcome the slowness that results from their modular design, the researchers borrowed a technique from science fiction: teleportation.

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Advances in Theory and Practice for Nuclear Safety

Using a combination of improvements in nuclear fission chain theory and the production of new, highly sensitive detectors, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory physicists have new tools for detecting the presence of nuclear materials in unknown objects.

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A New Material for the Quantum Age

Quantum materials are the new research realm for the development of quantum computers and data storage. These materials, which are microscopically condensed matter, act as conductors that can use and store energy at the subatomic level. Now a team of UCF physicists has discovered a new quantum material that is the first of its kind.

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Sustainable, High-performance Construction Materials

Digital technology is allowing researchers to design materials from the nanomolecular level up. A Fulbright scholar from Ireland is using this technique to develop a thin, eco-friendly, high-performance, cement-free, geopolymer concrete cladding for use in construction.

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