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FAQ: What are the components of a Swagelok tube fitting? (1st of new Swagelok Tech Clips)

by Jeff Hopkins, on 5/7/15 9:25 AM

You now have another way to improve fluid system performance: using quick tips from our new Swagelok Tech Clips. For example, say you need to install a Swagelok tube fitting. What are its key components?

This Swagelok Tech Clip has answers:


Feb 2020 update to this 2015 article: Dozens of clips like this are posted now, and they can be searched/sorted by topic. Explore:

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The format for upcoming Tech Clips is similar to our first one. We'll give you a quick look at some element of fluid systems, then let you know how you can learn more. The clips are also great for those moments when you suddenly aren't quite sure about something and would like to get a professional demonstration or illustration.

Starting with the first Tech Clip, the series will cover:

  1. Components of a Swagelok Tube Fitting
  2. Swagelok Tube Fitting Installation
  3. Rubber Hose
  4. PTFE Hose
  5. Four Steps to Choosing a Hose...

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A majority of technicians responsible for installing and maintaining tubing systems have never had an opportunity to learn the correct assembly procedure from the company that invented tube fitting. In this popular seminar you learn learn correct fabrication procedures, practice applying thread sealants and lubricants, and review factors that help determine when tubing is better than pipe. You get reference materials, handy items that simplify on-the-job fabrication, and earn an official Swagelok Certificate of Completion.


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