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Cooling Fighter Jet Subsystems (Video)

by Jeff Hopkins, on 3/21/18, 8:45 AM

A Lightfoot solution developed in concert with Swagelok helps crews keep mission-critical technology at the right temperature

“The whole refrigerant system within our unit is made up 100% of Swagelok components. What I like about Swagelok products is the effort that goes into producing that product with regards to the quality of the materials, the level of inspection, and generally the culture within Swagelok.... They're proud of it. That's a wonderful message for us—to actually hear and see that they are as proud about their products as we are about ours."

- Terry Nicholls, Managing Director, Lightfoot Defence

It's crucial that Eurofighter jets be hard to detect, so they have subsystems that jam radar from ground missile systems and even project decoy images.

Those systems need to stay cool all the time—even when the jet's going Mach 2, diving and rolling, firing on targets, and so on.

Lightfoot Defence pioneered a solution, developed in concert with Swagelok, that helps groundcrews maintain the refrigerant that keeps the Eurofighter’s defensive systems at the right temperature.

For over 130 years in the military and commercial sectors, Lightfoot Defence has stood for quality and reliability. Here is Lightfoot's managing director, Terry Nicholls, discussing Swagelok's robust value proposition:

Swagelok's value goes far beyond serving as a supplier. We optimize customers' designs, deliver assemblies that accelerate manufacturing, find ways to lower cost of ownership, and more.

What's next: Lightfoot Defence took advantage of Swagelok Assembly Services. Learn how it works at our Assembly Services page. Or, browse other customer case studies at this site:

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