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Our Most Popular Fluid System Resources for the Past Year

by Jeff Hopkins, on 1/11/17 8:30 AM

If you missed any of the Top 10 resources for 2016, you can still download them - they are all featured in this article with quick links


Each year we review which resources generated the most interest among visitors to our Swagelok Northern California website. Here are the Top 10 for 2016. Each is a free download, so go ahead and grab one if you don't want to go through another year without it. Check out all our resources in our Knowledge Center

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Tube Fitter's Manual

Since its debut in 1963, the Swagelok Tube Fitter's Manual has been the go-to reference for fluid system engineers, designers, and technicians. Over the years we have updated it with extensive field research and laboratory studies, plus feedback from our customers. This manual balances theory and practical examples. It has sections on tubing specification and ordering, severe service, troubleshooting, special purpose fittings, testing and evaluation of fitting performance, threads, pressure ratings, the costs of leakage, valves, and more.

Fitting catalogs

To help you navigate all the different types of fittings offered by Swagelok, we have technical literature, data sheets, sizing information, and guides. Start here for information on adapter elbows, tees, adapter fittings, high-pressure offerings and pipe fittings.If you have ever wanted a wall chart about tube fittings, this is the link to click. It's also where you'll find the Installer's Pocket Guide.

7 Ways to Reduce Assembly Risks and Costs

This popular e-book shows how you can reduce the burden of manufacturing assemblies in house. Our Assembly Solutions team can provide benefits at every step of the process. We cover the steps involved, areas in the process where you can optimize, and Swagelok Northern California's capabilities that are ideal for your project.

CAD File Library

These technical drawings and diagrams of Swagelok components can help you to quickly determine the best fit for your system. You can select from 3D, front, top, and side angles. The files include sizing information, order numbers and unique product identifiers. Once you have access the Library, you can search either by product name or by part number.

Hose and Flexible Tubing Catalogs

Learn hose and flexible tubing technical specifics to make sure you choose the right hose for your application. These catalogs have information for hose and flexible tubing, assemblies, bulk hose, end connections, and ultrahigh-purity PFA tubing. This is also where you will find technical hose installation instructions, assembly and disassembly instructions, and the Thermoplastic Hose Hand Swager User's Manual. 


When you are doing research, where do you find the most reliable technical information? Please submit your answer in the comment section below.


Valve Catalogs

We offer dozens of instrumentation and process valves and manifolds. Click the Valve Catalogs link to access our technical literature, catalogs, and sizing information for a wide variety of valves:  ball valves, bellows valves, bleed and purge valves, check valves, diaphragm valves, excess flow valves, metering valves, and shutoff and regulating valves.

Technical Tubing Literature

Swagelok provides a range of tubing including insulated, jacketed, passivated, and chemically cleaned variations. This is the place to go for tubing data sheets, engineered combinations, tube bender manuals, recommendations on tube cutting and preparation, and suggested allowable working pressure tables. You'll also find information on specialty tubing, including stainless, titanium alloyed, pre-insulated, seamless super duplex, and ultrahigh-purity tubing.

Assembly Solutions Handbook

When you're in the market for custom assembly solutions, partner with us to avoid the costs of middleman suppliers, inaccurate budgeting, and scrap and non-conforming components. Inside our Assembly Solutions Handbook, we explain Swagelok Northern California's quality assurance certifications and warranties, introduce our team of assembly technicians, describe the specialized tools we have, and list the steps involved in the custom process, from concept to completion.

Pressure Regulator Selection and Sizing Guide

Swagelok pressure regulators can be made in millions of different configurations. You don't want one too big or too small. Our Pressure Regulator Selection and Sizing Guide will help you find the right sized regulator for your application. It also includes an explanation of flow curves, and how to use a regulator's flow curve to see whether a particular regulator is right for your application.

3 Essential Guides to Valve Selection

When selecting a valve for your fluid system, your choices may seem overwhelming. To help guide you, we have a trio of publications.

Matching Valve Type to Function — This four-page tutorial covers on-off valves, directional flow valves, flow-control valves, overpressure protection valves, excess flow valves, and a selection guideline summary.

Valve Sizing Technical Bulletin — In 11 pages we show how flow can be estimated well enough to select a valve size—easily, and without complicated calculations. It includes principles of flow calculations, basic formulas, effects of specific gravity and temperature, six simple graphs for estimating the flow of water or air through valves and other components, and examples of how to use valves.

Valve Selection Worksheet — A two-page worksheet that covers valve function, system conditions, flow, and many other factors such as actuation method, lock-out / tag-out, position indicator, materials of construction, and more.


Those are the resources that visitors liked most in 2016. Start clicking the links to see what you've missed.


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