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Too Much Pressure? Swagelok Offers Fast Relief

by Jeff Hopkins, on 12/14/17 8:30 AM

Swagelok training, evaluation and advisory services help you stay on top.


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Pressure relief

Sometimes you want pressure, such as the pressure in a reliable fluid system. Sometimes you could do without pressure, such as the pressure you feel when your fluid system isn't working as it should.

You already know that Swagelok components are great for dealing with the first kind of pressure. Swagelok Northern California also has several ways to ease the second kind of pressure with our training, evaluation and advisory services.

Take a few minutes to look at this short video, and you'll learn a little about what we can do for you.



Swagelok Northern California's training classes can add a lot of value. We make sure that your engineers, buyers and installers understand that good design, operation and maintenance goes way beyond "I just need a valve." When your installers are properly trained on tube fitting safety, you'll have fewer leaks. When your trained technicians are troubleshooting, they'll recognize the symptoms and quickly narrow down the areas that require attention.

Basic training

Let’s start with the essentials, the basic skills that are good to know for all installers, engineers, technicians, contractors, fabricators, managers and quality-assurance personnel. Most of these classes take only two - four hours, though in some cases the class length depends on customer requirements. In that short amount of time we can teach you:

  • Tube Fitting Safety. This course covers tube selection, preparation and installation. With these skills you’ll increase employee safety and equipment uptime, and minimize leaks. You’ll learn how make sure components within your system have been correctly installed, and are performing optimally. 
  • Tube Bending. Learn to customize tubing through correct bending techniques.
  • VCR Fitting Installation. Review Swagelok VCR fitting installation in ultrahigh purity systems and Brush up on welding procedures and precautions. 
  • Valves. Learn to select, troubleshoot, and maintain the valves that are critical to your operation.
  • Hose. Choose the best hose for your application and extend hose life.

Advanced training

When you want to increase your skills, we have classes in:

  • Advanced Tube Bending. This is where we get into offset bends and the measure-bend method.
  • Orbital Welding. You’ll get an understanding of basic metallurgy in addition to learning how to set up, run and troubleshoot a Swagelok orbital welding system. 


Customers today face more pressure than ever from a variety of sources, such as increasing safety regulations and corporate directives to increase profits.


Evaluation and advisory services

If you need more expertise than you have on site, we can come out and look over your fluid system. We can do the troubleshooting, but we also can help you evaluate some of the things that might need to be done to improve the system. When you have a well-designed system, you get better reliability, and your maintenance crew isn't tied up dealing with day-to-day problems. 

Specifically, we can improve sample system reliability with our expert, in-depth analysis of every component and subsystem, from tap to analyzer. We can improve your grab sample systems by identifying issues affecting sample quality. We can optimize your investment in hoses by providing feedback on hose selection, installation and maintenance. And we can check your compressed gas systems for leaks, helping you reduce costs and increase reliability.

Pressures mount

Customers today face more pressure than ever from a variety of sources, such as increasing safety regulations and corporate directives to increase profits. At the same time, they're facing the pressure of a generational change, when a lifetime of knowledge walks out the door each time a longtime worker retires.

Swagelok Northern California offers so much more than components. We have expertise to share. Tap into it by calling us at 510-933-6200 or contact us through our website.

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