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Swagelok Hose Advisory Service Can Save You A Lot Of Grief

by Jeff Hopkins, on 9/25/19 9:00 AM

Our specialists are trained to understand why hoses fail, and to suggest the best hose for a job

"When a hose fails, and they didn't plan on that hose failing, it'll bring down their whole entire system. In some cases, their whole entire production line."

- From Hose Advisory Services Video (below)

hoses_43Our customers are under a lot of pressure these days to cut costs and keep systems working longer with fewer resources.

All it takes to ruin that scenario is for a hose to fail. 

"When a hose fails, and they didn't plan on that hose failing, it'll bring down their whole entire system. In some cases, their whole entire production line," says Nick Iverson, a Swagelok Field Engineer.

A hose failure can be a safety issue too, especially if steam or caustic fluids get on workers and machinery.

All of that adds up to unplanned and unwanted expenses. 

Bring in the team

Swagelok's hose advisory specialists can bring the problems under control. We start by working with our customers to figure out what their goals are. Maybe they've seen maintenance costs go up and they want to figure out how to increase the service life of their hoses. 

Hose trainingOr maybe certain hoses are frequently failing and the customer can't pinpoint the underlying cause. 

Our specialists know what to look for. The issue might be kinking, or wrong hose selection or compatibility issues. Even something as simple as the length of the hose can matter. Maybe the hose is not laid out in the right plane. Maybe the end connection is not able to hold a bend on the radius. Or maybe the materials in the hose are susceptible to electrostatic discharge. 

If the answer isn't that obvious, our advisors put on their detective hats and ask a lot of questions that get to the root cause. 

Actionable results

Once our specialists identify which hoses are at risk of premature failure, we can help you get those hoses on a preventive maintenance cycle. We'll also provide a list of best practices and potential improvements customers can make. 

That way the customer can take care of a hose before it becomes a problem. 

With Swagelok's hose advisory services, you don't have to worry about being steered toward a single hose product. We have a very broad product line. We have very well trained advisors who understand which hoses work best in which application. You can have a lot of confidence that we will work hard to suggest the optimal hose for your needs. 

We have a four-minute video that discusses all these issues and shows some members of our hose advisory service team in action. As the video demonstrates, the right hose helps you increase system reliability, which increases uptime, which increases productivity.

Just ask

Once you are done viewing, contact Swagelok Northern California to find out how we can specifically help you with your hose issues. We're easy to reach by calling 510-933-6200 or dropping us a note through our website.

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