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Where Did 2016 Go? Here are Highlights from the Swagelok Northern California Blog

by Jeff Hopkins, on 1/4/17 8:30 AM

As you settle down to tackle the challenges of 2017, take a minute or two to check out some highlights from our blog posts from 2016. Here's a fair warning: You might find them so interesting that you want to view all the blog posts from the year

The past year brought a new look to our website and some great articles to our blog



Better presentation

When we redesigned our website just after the start of the year, it was more than a cosmetic upgrade. We were able to present more information, get it to you faster, and — maybe most important of all — make it as easy to see on mobile devices as it is on a desktop computer. If you've never taken the grand tour, this is where you should start. Be sure to check out information grouped by the industries we serve.

The right part for the job

Swagelok earned its reputation with its two-ferrule mechanical grip-type tube fitting. This past year we reminded readers of the three big reasons Swagelok tube fittings are superior. But tube fittings were only the beginning. These days, our customers also turn to us for valves, regulators, hoses, measurement devices and other products. Think you can name all the categories of components available from Swagelok Northern California? Try jotting them down, then look at our product pages to find out how many you missed.


We learned a lot in 2016, and we hope you did too. Our 2017 goal is to provide blog content that is relevant and informative for fluid system professionals like you.


We put it all together

We not only have all the parts you need for a fluid system, we can help you create a compact, efficient design and even handle the assembly. Our Assembly Solutions team was a favorite subject this past year. After they build the assembly you need, they'll also test it and warranty it.

You may be thinking you could do this kind of work just as well yourself. Maybe, maybe not. Ask yourself two core questions and be sure to consider your risk.   If you'd like some examples of how Swagelok has helped a wide variety of companies create specific assemblies, we put together a Case Study Collection in 2016 for just that purpose. And you can always consult with our Assembly Solutions team.

For a real eye-opener, we invited readers to visit our Customer Briefing Center. This is a special room where we've assembled a complete interconnected fluid system that shows off Swagelok products and our Assembly Solutions skills. The five panels in the system demonstrate gas delivery, distribution and flow control, a model of the processes in a nuclear fusion power plant, hydraulic controls, and analytical instrumentation.

A little bit about us

From time to time, we've also used our blog to show you what's going on behind the scene at Swagelok Northern California. We were proud to get our upgraded ISO 9001:2015 certification, and we talked a bit about what it took to achieve it. That's really the legacy of Swagelok's founder, Fred Lennon. As we said in our post, Lennon would probably be amazed if he could see the advances in technology and engineering that have become standard at Swagelok Northern California. But he'd recognize the same commitment to high quality that he established more than six decades ago.


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