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Which Grab Sample Panel Options Work Best For You?

by Jeff Hopkins, on 12/26/18 9:00 AM

Swagelok offers 15 standard designs, that can be configured to your specific needs

"Swagelok's basic layouts were really helpful. Then we made modifications to meet our precise needs."  

- Lab Lead, Chem/Refining (US) 

Two system types

When you need to quickly get repeatable and representative samples from your process line, you need a grab sampling system. Swagelok grab sampling systems satisfy gas and liquid non-slurry sampling service in a consistent, reliable package. Two system types allow for capture into one of two types of containers — pressure containing metal cylinders as found in the Grab Sample Module (GSM) or non-pressure containing glass or polyethylene bottles as found in the Liquid Only Sampling Module (GSL).

 grab_sampling-GSMpanel_picmonkeyed                           grab_sampling7_picmonkeyed

Grab Sample Modules (GSM)   Liquid-Only Sampling Systems (GSL)

Five standard designs in action

The next question is which grab sampling system configuration is right for you. Let's start by checking out five basic setups in action.

First, here's a 90-second video showing how our standard gas panel (GSM-G-1(-N)) works. You'll see how to attach the sample cylinder, how the sample flows when you open and close the valves, and how to disconnect the cylinder.  We have a standard liquid sampler without purge (GSM-L-1(-N)) and a simple liquid sampler without purge (GSL1). This is our Standard Gas Sampler without Purge (GSM-G-1(-N)) in action. 


This is our Standard Liquid Sampler without Purge (GSM-L-1(-N)).  




The next video shows the same standard setup plus the ability to purge the line after taking the sample, but before detaching the sample cylinder. We offer a standard liquid sampler with purge (GSM-L-1(-P)), a simple liquid sampler with purge (GSL2), and and a liquid sampler with back purge (GSL5). This is our Standard Gas Sampler with Purge (GSM-G-1(-P)).


Perhaps you don't want to stop the flow of fluid through your system while you are taking the sample. In that case, our Continuous Flow Panel might be what you're looking for. We have continuous flow liquid samplers without purge (GSM-L-2(-N) and GSL3). This is our Continuous Flow Gas Sampler without Purge (GSM-G-2(-N)).


Do you need the continuous flow setup plus the purge feature? We have that in standard gas (GSM-G-2(-P)), standard liquid (GSM-L-2(-P)), and liquid only (GSL4). 


Standard Gas (GSM-G-2(-P)                Standard Liquid (GSM-L-2(-P)               Liquid Only (GSL4) 


Fixed volume samplers

Fixed volume sampling prevents overfilling of the sampler. A sample is drawn into a fixed volume reservoir, held, and then dispensed into the sampler. This requires a sample bottle that is larger
than the fixed volume reservoir. We offer two liquid only designs, Fixed Volume with Purge (GSL6) and Fixed Volume with Continuous Flow and Purge (GSL7).  Continuous flow is recommended for samplers installed directly in the sample stream, in a fast loop, or where long sample transport lines are used.

GSL6-Fixed-Volume  GSL7-Fixed-Volume-with-Continuous-Flow

       Fixed Volume with Purge (GSL6)          Fixed Volume with Continuous Flow and Purge (GSL7)

This is our Fixed Volume with Continuous Flow and Purge (GSL7) in action. 

Detailed variations

Every GSM is available in either 2- or 3-valve configurations. This allows for simultaneous control of fluid routing, reducing the number of sequencing steps required to draw a sample.

Once you have picked a basic panel design, you can customize it further. Swagelok Northern California makes the panels right here in the Bay Area, so you'll be talking with the people who will do the customization work. We can work with your team to:

  • Substitute comparable Swagelok and non-Swagelok (non-competitive) products
  • Add products within the existing schematics – sample coolers, flowmeters, shut-off valves, drain valves, etc.
  • Make changes in layout including structural changes/additions – panel/bracket materials, enclosures, etc.
  • Convert to larger/smaller tube size (or metric)
  • Alternate materials of construction
  • Adjust flow/pressure drop calculations (and make changes based on results)
  • Change sizing of sample coolers/heaters and enclosure heaters (using vendors’ applications engineering)

Case study

As you can see in this case study, Swagelok's experience includes helping Imtech Analyser Systems, one of the largest technical services providers in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Imtech won a contract that gave it only 12 months to design, engineer, and build 18 analyzer houses with 250 sampling systems for the oil and gas industry. Swagelok found a solution.

Here to help

Whether you need one Grab Sample Panel or many, you need only one supplier: Swagelok Northern California. We'll adapt the design to meet your needs, assemble it, test it, give the entire assembly a single part number, and back everything with the Swagelok Limited Lifetime Warranty. All it takes to start the process is a call to 510-933-6200 or ask for help through our website.

Grab Sampling Systems App Guide MS-02-479-1

Grab Sampling Systems Application Guide

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