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by Jeff Hopkins, on 5/31/18 8:30 AM

We're often asked how interchangeable and intermixable a Swagelok component or assembly is with another brand. Here's the 411. "Data that Swagelok collects from field surveys show that intermixing and …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 5/24/18 8:30 AM

Extraordinary corrosion resistance is just the beginning “These are customers operating in arguably the world's toughest industry. Their requirements around safety, environment, regulations, and more are unique. Our job is to …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 5/17/18 8:30 AM

Swagelok Northern California pro Jason Burns uses Cv and Swagelok tools to size system components. Jason's explanation does the trick nicely. Most people have to use test data tables, which is …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 5/10/18 8:30 AM

Jump to resources that dramatically reduce the time to produce technical and installation drawings "With a pencil sketch in hand, they quickly crafted a clean CAD plan, from which they …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 5/4/18 9:47 AM

Turnover is high among skilled welders and supervisors of orbital welding operations. How do leaders meet the challenge? "A critical system is any system where failure is not acceptable; that …

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