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Top Seven Blogs of 2019

by Jeff Hopkins, on 1/9/20 8:45 AM

Here's a synopsis of our most read blogs published in 2019


#1 Pressure Regulators Explained - Opening the Box  of Mystery

For many professionals, pressure regulators are a complete mystery—and a source of frustration. At least once a week we receive questions about them such as, “What size regulator do I need to get flow to X at a set pressure of Y?” and, “When we changed the flow the outlet pressure of the regulator changed, what gives?” Here is a detailed review of some fundamentals >

#2 It’s Torture: Swagelok Tube Fittings Can Handle It

If you liked our “When Will It Burst” video series, you’ll love this Extreme Testing Video from Swagelok. It features a series of in-house and third-party tests that subject Swagelok tube fittings to extremes of pressure, heat, and impact that demonstrate just how far Swagelok tube fittings can go beyond the call of duty. Check out the blog and video >

#3 Swagelok 60 Series Ball Valves Offer Strength And Versatility

Ball valves start with a simple idea: A sphere with a hole through it. Line up the hole with the tubing on either side of the valve, and fluid can run at full flow. Turn the sphere 90 degrees, and you shut off flow. Swagelok’s 60 series ball valves can serve in a wide variety of applications, and its design offers key improvements over a traditional valve design. Read the article >

#4 Which Pressure Regulator Should You Choose for Corrosive Applications?

In any application with even the smallest mix of corrosive gases or liquids, or aggressive environmental conditions, you should consider using a stainless steel pressure regulator. There are several types of regulators, and within each classification there are additional choices, such as piston versus diaphragm, and whether you want a two-stage regulator or a one-stage regulator. Read more >

#5 Showtime: New Video Demonstrates Bench Top Tube Bender

If you’ve never used Swagelok’s bench top tube bender, or if it’s been a while since you have, Swagelok has a great nine-minute video that goes through the whole process. The bench top bender isn’t hard to use, but it’s important to do the right steps in the right order. Check out the blog and video >

#6 Our Feature Presentation: How a Pressure Gauge Is Made

Ever wonder about the inside of a pressure gauge? The intricate assembly process is really pretty remarkable, and getting a front-row seat on it will increase your respect for the highly skilled labor required. Check out the blog and video >

#7 Why Hoses Fail and How You Can Prevent It

Refineries are hazardous environments for hoses. Heavy equipment and moving parts can damage assemblies and end-connections, leading to costly leakage. It can also put people at risk. It may not take long for a hose leak or break to cost you tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Here’s how you can get more years of life from your hoses >

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